May Fly

Welcome to the Gatineau Gliding Club (GGC) Mayfly Soaring Contest. The MayFly is a great opportunity for new cross-country pilots to get contest experience in a relaxed environment. Having fun, learning and flying has been part of GGC and Pendleton aerodrome history for over 75 years! (photos: Pendleton barrack block #10, 1942….GGC clubhouse – MayFly 2012)

The MayFly Mission

The purpose of the MayFly contest is two-fold:

1/ To introduce relatively new pilots to competition flying in a low-stress and high learning environment; and
2/ To try out new and innovative competition procedures and maximize pilot enjoyment.

MayFly will also appeal to experienced pilots who fly classic ships. A good range of gliders are flown in this contest including 1-26, Blanik L-13, L-33, Jantar, Puchacz, ASW-24, Discus 2, ASW-20, SZD-55, Genesis and others. Pilots will be grouped into teams with an experienced contest pilot assigned as a team leader. Team leaders will provide pre-flight strategy briefings, post-flight analysis and may even play mother-goose around the course. With both pilot experience and glider handicapping, anyone can win and everyone can have fun. Traditional MayFly contests see 20 to 25 pilots coming from Ontario and Quebec. This year we are expecting a similar great turnout.

Who Can Compete?

The minimum requirement for pilots to participate in the MayFly is a Bronze badge or a cross-country check-out including at least one off-field landing experience.