Our History

76th Anniversary of GGC and Pendleton Aerodrome


This year we celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Gatineau Gliding Club and the Pendleton Aerodrome. Please check back to this page frequently as we add historical documents and pictures to this page throughout the year. Click on the links below to access some of our heritage documents from both the club and Pendleton Aerodrome.

Heritage GGC & Pendleton Aerodrome Documents

The Definitive History of GGC
GGC Operating Rules – 1964
Pendletonic Newsletter – 1944

Stories and Adventures

The “Hang Loose” at Pendleton
Night Diamond
TCU Gold Altitude
Skiing & Outlanding
Uplands Unannounced

Snapshots from the Past

The following photos are from a collection donated by Brian Mendes. Brian’s brother, John Mendes was stationed at #10 Elementary Flight Training School (EFTS) Pendleton during 1944-1945. The photos capture some of the pilot “spirit” at Pendleton during the war. A copy of the cover letter that Brian sent along with the photos can be read HERE.