Our Facilities

With over 400 acres of land and numerous buildings and facilities, GGC is equipped to handle any scale of contest or other large group of people. We have almost every amenity to make any extended stay comfortable. The clubhouse is located far from the flightline, meaning it is completely safe for children to roam about. We host many social events in and around the clubhouse, making it the focal point of the family atmosphere we have at GGC. The property includes a large clubhouse with two washroom and shower facilities. The clubhouse also has full kitchen and refrigeration equipment to handle almost any situation.

Our Fleet

We have a large fleet of sailplanes available for our members. We also provide instruction free of charge to help you meet the demands of each aircraft. Our fleet ranges from the modern, high performance two-seat fiberglass “Puchacz” to an advanced single-seat ASW-24 racing sailplane for our licensed and qualified members. Our fleet:

2-Seat Training Gliders
L-23 Super Blanik
SZD 50-3 Puchacz

Single Seat Gliders
L-33 Solo
SZD 51-1 Junior (2)

Tow Planes
Piper Pawnee (235 hp)
American Champion Citabria (160 hp)